Enjoy the most beautiful sights of Moscow: the Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the State Historical Museum, the Cathedral of the Christ the Savior, and, of course, the Kremlin, the former residence of the Tsars and the residence of the Russian President.

Visit St. Petersburg, also named the «Venice of the North» – the city of palaces, museums, architectural and artistic treasures. Welcome to the Hermitage (Winter Palace), St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Cruiser Aurora, the Mariinsky Theatre.

The treasures of Tsars and Emperors, palaces, monuments, channels, boulevards, theaters and museums are waiting for you!

Please note that an invitation for a tourist visa can be issued only by a specially accredited Russian tour operator such as ALVIST.

We recommend using Google Trips application to organize your travel to almost all major cities of Russia. You will be able to find the best transfer from the airport, find out the cost, schedule and routes of public transport, select excursions and entertainments you wish. All you need to do is to download the GoogleTrips app on your phone. To cut the costs of mobile roaming traffic, we recommend buying Russian SIM card with the appropriate tariff plan (see «Be online»). ALVIST will help you to arrange all the other things.


There are plenty of options allowing you to fly to Russia: regular flights of Russian and foreign airlines, lowcosters and charter flights. You can choose the price and comfort in accordance with your wishes and preferences.

To select and book flights, you can use the online services,


Moscow is serviced by three international airports:

Sheremetyevo –

Domodedovo –

Vnukovo –


After visiting Moscow or St. Petersburg, you'll surely want to see the second capital of Russia. Depending on your cost, speed and comfort preferences, you may select one of the following ways of travelling:


By plane – the journey costs RUB 2000-5000 (~$35-55) and takes 80 minutes + at least 2 hours required for the road to the airport and departure formalities.


By high-speed Sapsan trains – the journey costs RUB 2000-6000 ($35-65) and takes 4 hours –


By overnight trains – the journey costs RUB 1200-3000 ($20-50) and takes 7-9 hours –


To reach from the airport to the city (and back), you can use:


1. Aeroexpress trains departing every 30 minutes from Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports. The journey takes 30 or 40 minutes and costs RUB 420 (~$7)


2. Taxi. We recommend using the online taxi services:, rather than taking a taxi at the airport. In Moscow a trip costs RUB 1500 (~$25) and takes 30-40 minutes; in St. Petersburg it costs RUB 1000 (~$15) and takes 15-20 minutes.


3. Bus or shared taxi. In Moscow a trip to the nearest metro station costs RUB 55 (~$1) and takes 40-50 minutes; in St. Petersburg it costs RUB 40 (~$0,7) and takes 20-30 minutes.


To travel within the city, you can use the following means of transport:


1. Metro. In Moscow one trip costs RUB 50 (~$1), in St. Petersburg it costs RUB 45 (~$0,7). The price of a trip is fixed and does not depend on the distance.


2. Public transport (bus, tram, trolleybus). In Moscow one trip costs RUB 50 (~$1), in St. Petersburg it costs RUB 40 (~$0,7). The price of a trip within the city is fixed and does not depend on the distance. To arrange your itinerary across the city, we recommend using an online map


3. Taxi. In Moscow an average taxi fare for a trip within the city is RUB 600 (~$10); in St. Petersburg it is RUB 400 (~$7).,


4. Rental car. The service costs from RUB 2000 (~$33) per day


Hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg are located in the central part of the city as well as in its suburbs. However, the hotels may differ only in costs of services but have the same comfort level.


A room in 4-5 stars hotels in Moscow costs RUB 6000 (~$100) per day; in St. Petersburg – from RUB 5000 (~$80) per day.

A room in 3-4 stars hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg costs from RUB 1500 (~$25) per day.

A room or dorm bed in hostels in Moscow costs from RUB 600 (~$10) per day; in St. Petersburg – from RUB 500 (~$8) per day.


To book a hotel room, you can use the following online services:,


Russia offers the tourists a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars for any taste and budget.

A dinner in high-end restaurants may cost from RUB 3000 (~$50).

In mid-range restaurants and cafes an average bill may be RUB 1000 (~$17) per person.

Many restaurants offer lunch specials – a set of several courses costing RUB 300 (~$5) and valid in the afternoon.


There are also restaurants of fast food chains and food courts in large shopping malls located throughout the city, an average bill per person: RUB 300-500 ($5-8).


To have the food delivered to your home or hotel room, you can use the following services:,


You can find more detailed information on restaurants and cafes location, their menu and customer reviews as well as make online booking on


Russia may offer you a very wide range of different excursions, historic sites and entertainment facilities. The prices are generally lower than in most European cities.


Excursions, museums, exhibitions. In Moscow and St. Petersburg you can visit not only museums of world significance (the Moscow Kremlin and the Kremlin Museum Complex, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin Museum in Moscow; the Hermitage Museum, the Russian Museum and the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg), but also small private galleries and exhibitions. So many places are worth seeing!


Theatres. You are always welcome at the most popular Russian theatres such as the Bolshoi and Maly Theatres, the Moscow Art Theatre and Operetta in Moscow and the Mariinsky, Alexandrinsky and Mikhailovsky Theatres in St. Petersburg. There are also popular private theatrical enterprises with famous film and theater actors.


Bars, nightclubs. Moscow and St. Petersburg nightlife is very diverse, cheerful, entertaining and sometimes outrageous.


You can find more detailed information regarding exhibitions, museums, theaters, clubs location and hours of operation as well as book tickets on


International roaming is very expensive in Russia, so we strongly recommend you to purchase a SIM card from one of the four all-Russian mobile phone operators:,,,


For example, the tariff plan "Smart" for RUB 550 (~$9) per month includes 600 minutes for calls across Russia and 4 GB of Internet –

If you need just a few calls, you may use tariff plans without subscription fee. For example, the tariff plan "Vse prosto" supposes RUB 1.6 ($0,03) per minute for calls in one region of Russia –

In Russia the cost of calls and using Internet may differ depending on the region. To save money, we recommend connecting additional options.


Mobile calls from Russia to other countries are very expensive. We recommend using Skype, WhatsApp and Viber services via the mobile Internet and Wi-Fi which is often provided for free in cafes and hotels.

What else might you need?


Emergency calls: 112


Online translators:,


Find friends on dating sites:,


Rent an apartment:


To enter Russia, you have to obtain a Russian visa at the Russian Consulate in your country.


The main document in the set you should submit to the Russian Consulate is the Invitation for a Russian visa.


Make an online order over the site of our reliable partner and get your visa Invitation ready in 5 minutes.


Only the Russian organization that invited you to Russia and whose name is indicated in your visa can help you in case of visa problems occurred during your stay in Russia. ALVIST managers are always ready to help you by phone +7 495 721-10-21 and e-mail


* - besides of cases of visa-free countries.



Feel free to contact our Trip Design Manager. We will always help you to arrange a trip to Russia.


ALVIST provides you with the complete support during your trips in Russia!

Note: A general consultation is free of charge. A detailed consultation is charged according to the Price list and in correspondence with our Terms And Conditions


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