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A list of 10 cities where a tourist infrastructure will be developed was made out in the Moscow Region  02.05.2017 07:15

According to the Minister of Culture of the Moscow Region Oksana Kosareva, it is planned to increase the tourist flow in ten municipalities around Moscow by 25% by creating the necessary infrastructure.

“The project intended to develop the infrastructure is the priority project of the Moscow region government called “Top-10” aimed at increasing the tourist excursion flow by 25% within the territories this project applies to,” O. Kosareva reported at the meeting of the Moscow Region Duma.

Oksana Kosareva specified that the first phase of the project applies to Sergiev Posad, Istra, Kolomna, Dmitrov, Klin; the second phase includes Chekhov, Odintsovo, Zaraysk, Pavlovsky Posad and Taldom.

According to the Minister, these territories were selected for the project since about 50% of the current tourist flow of the region accrue to them. In addition, more than 20% of the inhabitants of the Moscow region live there.

"The project takes into account the interests of tourists and residents and is implemented jointly with the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services. Pedestrian zones, bike routes and intra-city tourist navigation will be created within the framework of the project," O. Kosareva added.