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A visa-free regime between Russia and Samoa  10.07.2017 14:15

Russians have got an opportunity to go without visas to the state of Samoa in the Pacific Ocean since July 9, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
According to the document, citizens of both countries who are not going to work, to study or to be permanent residents in the territory of another state will have the right to visa-free entry. Those who go with the tourism aim will be able to stay in the country for up to 60 days without a visa.
The governments of two countries signed an agreement on the abolition of visa regime in April 2017 during the meeting in New Zealand.

However, earlier the Russians could go to the state of Samoa without a pre-issued visa - it was issued at the border.
The country is located in the western part of Samoa archipelago. The total land area is 2832 square kilometers and includes two large islands - Savaii and Upolu, and 8 small islands, of which only Manono and Apolima are occupied. In the possession of Samoa 130 thousand square kilometers of the coastal economic zone and 23.1 thousand hectares of reefs and lagoons. The state borders with territorial waters of Tokelau in the north, of American Samoa in the east, of Tonga in the south, Wallis and Futuna islands in the southwest and Tuvalu in the north-west. Russians can reach Samoa by flights from New Zealand and Australia.