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Association of Russian Tour operators estimates the prospects of tourism in Russia in 2017  03.04.2017 12:00

This year the entrance tourist group to Russia generally maintains at the level of 2016, as well as the leader of the visits number - China, says the Association of Russian Tour Operators according to market’s participants opinion poll.

"The list of the main providers of tourists to Russia does not change in 2017. The number of tourists also keeps approximately at last year's level", - according to press reports.
According to Russian Federal State Statistics Service, last year foreign tourists visited Russia 24.6 million times. According to tour operators, in 2016 China, Germany, the USA, Italy, Israel, Great Britain, France, Korea, Spain were in the lead in terms of the number of entries to Russia.

China, being number one in terms of visits in Russia since 2014, grows 10% this year, according experts opinion. However, tour operators say that they cannot appreciate as qualitative the whole tourist traffic from China. "Every year there are more and more tourists from China buying the cheapest tours." With the aim to save money Chinese people buy voucher from doubtful companies that provide poor-quality excursion services, save on transport and on accommodation, that has a very negative effect on Russia's image as a tourist destination, - says the Association of Russian Tour Operators.

This year other Asian destinations are probably growing - South Korea and Vietnam, believe tour operators. But Europe as the main supplier of "quality" tourists (European people buy expensive tours, they are agree to expand the geography of travel across Russia, visa difficulties do not stand in their way) is at the level of last year. "There may be a small increase in 3-5%", - believes deputy director of the tour operator "Academservice" Alexander Kurnosov.

Concerning the Middle East, market’s participants note that this region does not give Russia a mass number of tourists. "If we examine the whole region, the main tourist donors are Israel and Iran for Russia," say experts and note that Iran is a new market for Russia, that shows an enormous growth rate of 62% in 2016, besides tourists from this country spend a lot of money on their trips.