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Foreign tourists are not attracted by Confederations Cup 2017  19.06.2017 14:45

The realization of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in Russia practically did not bring to the growth of independent foreign tourist flow to Russia, the Association of the Russian Tour Operators (ATOR) informs.

"The Confederations Cup is a competition that attracts mostly the independent tourists. According to the tour operators, the holding of the FIFA Confederations Cup-2017 did not influence the growth of an organized foreign tourist flow to Russia". Today the participants have only individual applications for tours related to visiting matches", - says ATOR.
The deputy of General Director of the tour operator "Academservice" Alexander Kurnosov noted that there was no interest of organized groups of foreign fans in the company.

"There are individual applications for visiting certain matches, but there is no active interest that usually accompanies the football matches of world championship". The Confederations cup has a status of a friendly competition and is more interesting to football specialists", - he said.

There is no increase in visits of independent travelers. According to Aviasales service, on the date of the competition, the number of online airline bookings to Kazan increased by 7%. Demand for air tickets from abroad to Moscow, to St. Petersburg and to Sotchi remained at the level of the same period last year.

According to the statistics, most independent tourists during the days of the competition will come to Russia from Italy (+ 25%), Austria (+ 23%), China (+ 18%) and Greece (+ 18%). At the same time, none of the national teams of these countries take part in the Confederations Cup.
The domestic market of air transportation does not show any changes during the days of the competition. Aviasales said that they did not see a rise in ticket sales for the second part of June in any of the direction where the matches will take place.