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Expert: hotel reservations should be the basis for issuing tourist visas for foreigners  15.04.2019 11:50

The issuing of tourist visa in the Russian Federation for foreign tourists should be carried out on the basis of the contract for hotel services and do not require from the applicant of the contract for tourist services, said the executive director of the tourist association "World without borders" Alexander Agamov.

Earlier it was reported that the association sent a letter to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation with proposals for liberalization of the visa regime in order to increase the incoming tourist flow.

"It is important to pay attention to the way that foreign citizens get visas to our country. Now the basis to go to Russia is the confirmation of the provision of some tourist services including some voucher that a tourist receives for servicing in the territory of the Russian Federation in his country and submits together with the documents for a visa," - Agamov said.

The interlocutor of the agency reminded that at the same time Russian tourists do not need to present any voucher to get a Schengen visa, as it is enough for them to submit a confirmation of accommodation, travel documents, insurance and foreign passport. "We propose to introduce a rule according to which the hotel, confirming the booking, actually replaces the voucher for a tourist service. It will be easier for foreign tourists to obtain a visa to Russia, especially in those countries where individual tourism is developed", - he said.

Agamov expressed the opinion of the tourism industry that understands the state's concern about security issues and expects to find acceptable options for visa liberalization.