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Foreign fans will be able to come to the UEFA EURO 2020 in Russia with Fan ID  04.02.2019 13:47

According to the Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov, football fans attending Russian matches of the UEFA EURO 2020 will be able to use Fan IDs.

"There will be the same procedure of FAN IDs that was used when foreign fans entered the country during the 2018 World Cup," the minister said on the Russia 24 TV channel on Thursday.

“We are ready, an organizing committee and an executive directorate established by the Ministry of Sports and the Russian Football Union have already been created,” he added.

The Minister of Sport noted that representatives of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) came to St. Petersburg several times on inspection visits and were satisfied.

"The entire infrastructure (including temporary) is ready for the European Championship," P. Kolobkov stressed.

Fans with Fan IDs came to Russia for the 2018 World Cup without a visa. Later, the Russian authorities offered to use this system for other international competitions held in Russia.

Three matches of the group stage as well as one of the quarter-final will take place in St. Petersburg.

P.Kolobkov said that a fan zone will be organized in the city for those fans who cannot buy tickets to the stadium.

"For fans who don’t get to the stadium, a fan zone will be organized. This is the responsibility of the St. Petersburg government. The experience of the 2018 World Cup shows that the fan zone is never empty. We are also discussing the possibility and feasibility of organizing fan zones in others cities ", the official said.

The games will also be held in Rome, Munich, Baku, Copenhagen, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bilbao, Budapest, Brussels and Glasgow. Semifinals and finals will be held in London.