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France begins issuing tourist visas for Russian citizens within 48 hours  07.11.2017 11:25

Russian tourists will begin to receive visas to France in two days from the 2nd of November. French diplomats confirmed this information.

"We are ready to issue tourist visas for Russian citizens in two days starting from the 2nd of November because the 1st of November is a day off," - explained the agency's interlocutor on Tuesday. At the same time, he stressed that this rule concerns of those tourists who apply for a visa only in Moscow visa center. "It will be possible for other regions but later," - he assured.

At the end of July the Prime Minister of the Republic Edouard Philippe announced the reduction of the period for issuing tourist visas to France for Russian citizens and for a number of other countries presenting the government plan for tourist development. As the French Prime Minister stressed, France will accelerate the procedure for issuing visas for the countries with the most visible tourist flow. "We undertake to issue visas within 48 hours for 10 new countries including Russia", - he said.

In September during the interview with TASS, the Republic's Ambassador in Moscow Sylvie Bermann said that this decision of the French authorities "will be implemented on time". "France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, and we will be happy to receive even more Russians, - she said. - By the way, this year the number of Russian tourists in France has increased significantly".

The most convenient

In September the Russian Association of Tour Operators in connection with the two-year anniversary of the dactylographie’s introduction held a survey among the tour operators about the loyalty of foreign countries in terms of issuing a multiple entry visa for Russian citizens. Among these countries, Russian representatives of tourist companies named Italy, Greece, France and the Czech Republic. These countries according to the tour operators are the most loyal in terms of issuing multiple entry visas.

In general, according to the Russian Association of Tour Operators, the share of refusal in issuing a Schengen visa for Russians is only about 1%.

Very expensive

According to experts, the accelerated visa regime would not increase the tourist flow to France. "The easing of the visa regime is very encouraging for tourists. France has always been an expensive destination, that’s why the tours were selected in advance." In case of issuing of a visa within two days, we do not expect a sharp increase of demand, besides we believe that this event will increase sales", - experts say.

At the same time, many of them are agree that the fast processing of visas will contribute to the growth of interest of Russian tourists to France, especially it concerns of those tourists who decide to travel to foreign countries at the last moment.

The experts also reported that this summer the demand for tours in France has already grown by 37%. According to TASS, last year more than 600 thousand Russians (Russia is in the top of 10 entry markets in France) visited France, the number of issued visas has always increased.