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From 1 august Moscow tourists to take advantage of a new short number 122  05.08.2019 13:27

The new Call Centre numbers were proposed by the Moscow Committee for Tourism together with the Moscow Department of Information Technology on the basis of the citywide Call Centre.

'”The number of tourists visiting Moscow is growing every year, so the Call Centre is an important step to get their feedback. A short number 122 is easy to remember and takes only a few seconds to dial on your mobile phone. The Call Centre operators consult in Russian and English, which is undoubtedly important given the growing number of foreign tourists in Moscow. To establish the Moscow Tourist Information Support Centre, we used our previous experience, including the hotline of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development during the 2018 FIFA World Cup,” the Committee for Tourism said.

Dial the short number 122 from mobile phone numbers of all Russian and foreign operators in Moscow and Moscow region. Call the ten-digit landline number +7 (495) 122-01-11 from mobile and landline phone numbers from Russia and abroad. You pay for calls to both numbers at your operator's rates.