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Mexico will cancel visas for Russian tourists  06.11.2018 12:31

Mexican authorities are considering a project on the mutual visa abolition with Russia. This was announced on October 31 by the Russian ambassador to this country, Viktor Coronelli. He also noted that the new Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador intends to develop cooperation with Russia and calls this area one of his priorities.

“Lopez Obrador is interested in the abolition of visas between the two countries. Today, Russia has visa waiver agreements with the majority of countries in the region. Russia has already submitted to our partners in Mexico a draft agreement that involves the abolition of visas for holders of ordinary passports. Lopez Obrador said that this agreement between the Russian Federation and Mexico will be the first to be signed by his government with our country,” Coronelli stressed.

It should be recalled that there are several agreements that simplify the entry procedure between the Russian Federation and Mexico at the moment. For Russians arriving in the country as tourists, a visa is issued in the form of an electronic permit called a “free e-visa to Mexico”. The document can be received online on the website of the embassy; ​​it is valid only in the case of crossing the border by air.

In addition, any Russian who has a US visa stamp in his passport or resides in any Schengen country, Japan, Canada, Northern Ireland or the UK can enter Mexico without obtaining prior permission.