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Russia and Turkey are taking steps to facilitate the visa regime  07.05.2018 12:20

Russia and Turkey are taking concrete steps to facilitate the visa regime between the two countries and are devoted to the goal of a visa-free regime, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during the press conference of the Russian, Turkish and Iranian foreign ministers meeting in Moscow.

"We discussed issues related to the further facilitation of the visa regime, the Russian side suggested a couple of concrete steps at this stage. At first, to introduce a visa-free regime for holders of staff passports, and, secondly, to provide visa-free border crossing for truck drivers, for those who work on international road transport. Our Turkish friends promised to react, I think it will already be a tangible step for a number of categories of our citizens", - Lavrov said.

According to him, Moscow plans to expand the list of categories of citizens who will use the visa regime. "In general, we are interested in moving towards this goal, as the Russian president told many times during his meetings with Turkish president", - the Russian Foreign Minister noted.

At the same time, he added that the countries are now "under serious influence" of the terrorist threat.

"In this regard, of course, our competent services need to establish the most precise, concrete interaction in monitoring foreign militants."We agreed that today we will do such work, we will be more regular, in real time regime, to exchange information on those persons that our countries declare to be non-entry, for those we will close entry to Turkey or to Russia, and for Russian citizens who are extradited from Turkey, we should obtain information in advance and we will reciprocate feelings in base of the consular convention", - Lavrov said.