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Russian Ambassador in China: Russia and China are not ready to pass visa formalities  09.01.2018 10:25

Russia and China are actively working to facilitate the bilateral visa regime, in particular for tourists, but in reality they are not ready to pass visa formalities, Russian Ambassador in China Andrey Denisov told the Russian media.

"To facilitate trips for Chinese citizens and to contribute the tourist exchange, we take certain steps, we are now approaching the end of a new agreement on visa-free tourist exchanges", - the diplomat said.

According to him, "it is necessary to discuss all the conditions, it is necessary to establish certain forms on both sides, otherwise there will be chaos, this year we have made serious progress in these conversations, and we will continue to move forward".

"Regarding the facilitation of visa formalities, the Chinese and our side are not ready to withdraw them. Here we can raise a question about further softening or about the better use of the opportunities that have already provided", - the diplomat said.

He said that at the moment the issue of reducing the minimum size of a tourist group from five to three people is being discussed.

"If we agree, and the group  reduce to three people, it will increase the number of family tourists on this channel", -  added Denisov.

The ambassador also said that "while maintaining the traditionally stable interest of the Chinese to Moscow and St. Petersburg, to Kazan and recently to Sochi, the Chinese are interested in fresh air and clean water, so we see the interest of Chinese tourists to Sakhalin, to Eastern Siberia , especially to Lake Baikal, it is even a topic of different kind of Chinese songs".