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The British Embassy hopes for decreasing the price of Russian visa  24.07.2017 14:40

The British side in connection with the decision of Russia to expand the visa application form for the British citizens hopes that the price for a visa to Russia will decrease, and the period of stay will increase, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the embassy.

On Thursday, during a briefing, Deputy of official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Artem Kozhin said that the Russian side introduced an extended version of the questionnaire for British citizens to obtain a visa after a comparative analysis of the questionnaire for a Russian visa.

He explained that based on the results of a comparative analysis of the British visa application form filled in by Russian citizens and the Russian visa application form filled by British citizens, there were significant contradictions in the number and type of the questions in the questionnaires which were not in favor of Russians. In this regard, based on the principle of reciprocity, a variant of the extended Russian visa application form was developed specifically for British citizens, the diplomat added. According to Kozhin, the application of new form began on July 17.

Commenting on the situation at RIA Novosti request, the British embassy in Moscow pointed that "British Visas for applicants in Russia are cheaper and have a longer validity period than Russian visas for applicants in Britain."

"If Russia wants to apply the principle of reciprocity, we expect that the price of the Russian visa will decrease and its validity period will increase," the source added.