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The head of CCI of the Russian Federation proposed to encourage tour operators for new routes  19.02.2018 13:00

It is time to think about encouraging Russian tour operators for creation new tourist routes, said the head of CCI of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin during the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

"If we intend to develop the tourist industry, it's time to start encouraging financially tour operators at least for the development of new tourist routes around the country", - said Katyrin during the session concerned the tourist industry.

We would remind you that in many countries the issue of encouraging tour operators has been successfully resolved. For example, to attract tourist flow from Russia to Turkey, there are programs of subsidizing Russian tour operators - the Turkish budget grants $ 6000-8000. For each tour organized by the Russian tour operator Israel subsidizes charter flights from Russia: the Ministry of Tourism returns 45 euros for each Russian passenger.

Katyrin also said that there is an idea to exempt from VAT the companies that work on low-load routes. "This topic should be discussed with the government," he added.