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The Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to fight against foreign drivers-violators of the law  25.11.2019 13:15

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Transport have prepared a draft "road map" to fight against foreign citizens who violate traffic regulations, as reports "Kommersant".

The following proposals have been made to the project: the detention of a car as a result of non-payment of a fine, installation of road cameras on the border with the Eurasian Economic Community countries, establishment of an automated system of data transmission from the Federal Customs Service to the traffic police, increase in the staff of the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport.

Cameras will be installed at the border crossing points, that will control car license plate numbers, transmit them to the Federal Customs Service and from there to the police.

It is noted that the Russian Federation does not have an effective system of control of foreign drivers. The largest number of violation is among the citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Armenia