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The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the growth of tourists from China and South Korea  20.08.2018 13:45

As reported Alexander Perezhogin, expert from the department of analysis of the information management of the migration police, the number of Chinese citizens who arrived in Russia for tourist purposes has increased by almost 100 thousand people in 2018, Chinese and South Korean tourists are replacing Europeans.

"To replace the tourists from the EU countries, the Western countries, we have a large number of tourists from China and South Korea. It links with the Russian tourist agency that the fact that tries to improve the conditions for the entry of tourist groups. In 2018 the number of Chinese citizens who arrived in Russia with tourist purposes increased almost by 100,000", - Perezhogin said during the roundtable in the Public Chamber with the subject: "The role of civil society in optimizing migration legislation".

He added that at the moment there are just over 10 million foreign citizens in Russia. The top three are citizens of Ukraine, Uzbekistan (about 20%) and Tajikistan (11.3%). The share of foreigners from the CIS is 85% from the total number of foreigners in Russia, the share of Chinese is almost 3%, the foreigners from the European Union countries are 4.6%.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 9% of foreigners go to Russia for tourist purpose. The main goal to go to Russia for citizens of other countries remains job - 41.5%.